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About Triaxis development team

As a web developer you build your own world where efficiency is the law, knowledge is security, harmony is the goal and your imagination is the limit.

Our passion

Why do we love web development so much? Well, what we have learned during our years of professional experience is that nothing is impossible in web development. If there are no guidelines – draw them, if there is no proof – make it, if there is no path – be the first to walk it. It’s because coding is like music. The whole world works in a simple rhythm, there is a state of motion and a state of non-motion. And if you know how to make a melody of it, then you are a developer. So, why do we like coding so much? Because you can make everything work if you try hard enough.

Our methodology

We always strive towards implementing original ideas into innovative technologies of the highest reliability, following the best current practices in reaching the maximum efficiency of every project and ensuring its adaptability to future trends.

Our philosophy

Great app development is solving problems people didn’t know they had. Simple, yet inspiring, this is the idea that guides our work. We see it as the essence and set it as our goal.

What we offer


Web development


Mobile apps


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Quality assurance

Why should you choose us

You put a lot of care and thought into your vision, now let us tell you why we would like to be a part of it.

check_circle_outlineBecause we live for creating new solutions and solving old problems.

check_circle_outlineBecause we can’t stand mess and we love clean code.

check_circle_outlineBecause we have 15 years of programming experience, 48 months of university education, 300 weeks of self-teaching, 6.120 days of writing code.

check_circle_outlineBecause you have our hours, resources, knowledge and experience at your disposal!

check_circle_outlineBecause you will ask as to do something that we love the most.

So, what happens after you become our client

Interested in how everything works? Want to learn about the process? We are more than happy to introduce you to it.

  • Research

    No great work comes without a solid background - At the first stage we gather all of the necessary and useful information for the project. After going through all the relevant data, we run an analysis of it and form reports. That’s when we are done with “filtering” the info we need and are going to apply later on.

  • Planning

    The more you plan the fewer hours you lose - This is an idea that we firmly believe in. We love thorough planning because we value your time! We know that you want your project to be done as soon as possible. That’s why we plan everything ahead to the last detail.

  • Designing

    Humans understand through beauty, it’s in our nature – We believe that efficiency is not self-sufficient. The interface needs to be appealing to the eye when looked at, and remain pleasant after hours of use. The appearance of the app makes using it enjoyable, and that’s why we pay a lot of attention to the design.

  • Coding

    All we need is a 0 and a 1 to make your every idea come alive. This is the heart of the process, the most creative, fun, demanding and rewarding part. This is where we use all that we have done so far, and prepare for everything that lies ahead.

  • Testing

    If you invent a new app you need to invent new obstacles. Our team loves putting its creativity to the test. We face our apps with every problem that they may encounter, with every challenge they may meet. Preventing a bug is better than solving a bug.

  • Launching

    Seeing your vision come alive is a truly satisfying experience. Now your app is ready and waiting for you to enjoy it. We are still here for all the questions you may have and any assistance you may need. We are here to maintain the product and change or improve it as your business grows.

If you can imagine it - we can create it

Coding is our passion, now tell us about yours

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